Vegetarian grilling cheese balls

Filling cheese patties with lots of green garnish make an ideal meat-free meal or a perfect lunch box accompaniment the next day. Serve with a nice mixed salad and a hunk of bread.



Grate the grilling & bbq and courgette with the coarse side of a grater and chop the peas coarsely in a mini food chopper. Place the grilling & bbq, courgette, peas, nutmeg, eggs, lemon juice and oat flour in a bowl and add one small teaspoon of salt. Mix together well until you get a good, consistent mass.

Heat a frying pan with oil, form the mass into small balls and fry in the hot pan. Be careful when you turn them and give them 3 minutes on each side.

Tip: The balls taste great for dinner with a big bowl of mixed salad. Make a little extra to eat the day after. They taste just as good cold in the lunch box or heated up in the oven.

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