Strawberries covered in goat’s cheese and rolled in herbs and chopped nuts

Goat’s cheese is versatile and just as welcome in the sweet kitchen. Try combining it with strawberries as in this recipe. They make a perfect match on a hot summer day.

This recipe has been developed by Maria, who blogs as Vanløse Blues.




Wash the strawberries, remove the stem and dab them dry.

Blend the goat’s cheese with the thyme and honey until it has a soft consistency.

Season with salt and pepper.

In another bowl, mix together the pistachio nuts and basil.

Take a spoonful of the goat’s cheese mixture in one hand and spread it out across the palm.

Mould it over a strawberry, then roll it in the pistachio/basil mix and place on a flat dish or tray.

Continue until there are no more strawberries left.

Alternatively you can serve the strawberry and goat’s cheese mix in small bowls, sprinkled with the pistachio-basil mix.

Serve as a delicious starter or use as a filling in a green Salad.

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