Paneer Korma

Curries don’t need to be heavy or highly spiced and Paneer korma is a good example. This dish is lightly spiced and has wonderful aromatic taste and fine texture. Enjoy it as an evening meal when you want a filling vegetarian dish, and alter the strength by adding chilli to taste.


Place the cashew nuts in a bowl of cold water and let them sit for a minimum of 30 minutes and ideally one hour.

Cut the paneer into 2 x 2 cm cubes and fry in oil in a hot pan until they start to form a slight crust. Remove the pan from the heat, take the paneer out of the pan and set to one side. Cook the lentils or the rice according to the instructions on the packet.

Put all the ingredients for the korma paste into a mini food chopper and chop them until you have a uniform mass. You may have to stop the machine and push the mass down slightly at some point.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add the bay leaf to the oil. Sauté. Add the other spices and sauté on a high heat. Now add the korma paste together with 300 ml water. Allow the sauce to boil and then leave to simmer while continuing to stir for a couple of minutes. Season with salt and pepper and then add the cheese and allow to simmer for a couple more minutes.

Serve with lentils or rice and bread if you wish.

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