Bulgur with herbs and goat’s cheese

Here is a simple recipe for a good-looking and filling salad, which is great when served as an accompaniment or as a vegetarian dinner with a nice chunk of bread.

This salad is quick to prepare too!

The flavours of goat’s cheese, apricots, coriander, pomegranate and mint will transport you to the beautiful scenery of the Middle East.




Boil the bulgur for 10 min. in lightly salted water.

Stir the cooked, warm bulgur with the olive oil and the lemon juice and zest until the bulgur is well coated.

Chop the onions, apricots and herbs and dice the tomatoes.

Turn everything into the bulgur, perhaps saving a little of the herbs for garnishing.

Finally, carefully stir the cheese and pomegranate seeds into the mixture.

The salad can be eaten immediately as a side dish with chicken, for example, or stored in the fridge for max. one day and used for a picnic/packed lunch.


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