Raw pickled salad cheese with rosemary and holiday spices

Did you know that you can also pickle your Taverna Salad Cheese? With this recipe the cheese gets a delicious taste of Christmas from spices and fruit like cloves, star of anise, cinnamon, oranges and ginger. Serve as a snack or accompaniment to the many Christmas parties.


Peel the orange with a potato peeler as thinly as possible, avoiding the white part of the peel if you can as this can be very bitter.

Boil the white wine with honey, rosemary, cloves, star of anise, cinnamon, thin strips of ginger and orange peel.

Allow to simmer for 4-5 minutes.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow to cool off a little.

Place the pan in the fridge and let the mixture sit until it is completely cold (it can sit for several days in the fridge if you wish, the flavour will only improve).

Remove the cheese from the pack and rinse in cold water.

Place the cheese in small jars and pour the cold white wine brine over it, then put the lid on the jars and let the cheese sit for about 24 hours.

Serve as a snack or accompaniment to a main meal.


Taverna oste – til kolde og varme retter