Beans with mild onions and herb-marinated salad cheese

Looking for a simple recipe for a tempting lunch accompaniment or a good steak? The beans constitute a fresh and crunchy salad for a summer lunch, as an accompaniment to dinner, as a dinner for guests or as a vegetarian dish.






Mix the olive oil and the salad cheese marinade together with the vinegar, salt and crushed garlic, and season to taste with pepper.

Place the thin onion slices in a sieve and immerse in boiling water for 15 sec.

Drain the water from the onions and add directly to the marinade.

Stir well.

Halve the beans and cook them in boiling water for 3-4 min.

Remove the beans, rinse them briefly under a cold tap and add to the marinade together with the cheese.

Turn in the baby lettuce leaves just before serving.



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