Mango summer salad with hemp seed dressing and Taverna Finest salad cheese with citrus and herbs

The taste of summer and the aroma of southern lemon trees are unmistakable in this lovely salad, which is both crisp and hearty. The hemp seed dressing gives you a nice nutty flavour that goes well together with mango and carrots.




Step 1

Rinse the spinach and put in the bowl.


Step 2

Peel the carrots and cut into long strips with a potato peeler and put in the bowl.


Step 3

Put the mango on the cutting board and cut around the stone in the middle so you get two halves without the stone. Cut each half into slices 2 cm thick and then cut off the skin and slice the mango into cubes. Put in the bowl.


Step 4

Add salad cheese.


Step 5

Blend the hemp seed with the herb salt and water until you achieve the desired consistency. Serve separately in a small bowl together with the salad.





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