Lentil salad with Grilling cheese and green beans

A delicious all-in-one salad with satisfying, full-bodied cheese. Salads make a perfect, easy evening meal and can of course be meat-free. Create your own salad using the vegetables in your fridge.


Cut the grilling cheese into slices approx. 0.8 cm thick and fry in oil in a hot pan until the cheese has a crust on both sides.

Cook the lentils according to the instructions on the packet.

Place the beans in a bowl, pour boiling water over them and leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse the rocket and remove a little for garnishing. Blend the rocket, olive oil, cashew nuts and salt. Add a little extra oil if you would like a milder tasting pesto.

Dice the tomatoes. Build up your salad in a large dish: beluga lentils at the bottom, then the green beans, grilling & bbq and tomatoes and finally, top with rocket pesto. Drizzle with a little additional oil and add a pinch of salt before serving.

Tip: Serve the salad with a good bread.

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