All good things in one bowl! This is the idea behind the popular salad bowl main meal which everyone is going crazy for at the moment. This is a chicken salad, but you can easily swap the meat for Taverna Grill & BBQ for example.




Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the packet.

Heat a frying pan and toast the sesame seeds in the dry pan until lightly browned and releasing a nutty aroma.

Remove the sesame seeds, add a little oil and fry the chicken breasts in the pan.

Season with salt and pepper as they cook.

Finely chop the red cabbage, wash the spinach and cut the avocado into slices.

Toss the quinoa in olive oil and place in the bottom of two large bowls.

Garnish with the chicken breast, avocado, red cabbage and spinach, and sprinkle with salad cheese and sesame seeds.

Lastly add olive oil and salt and serve immediately.

Tip: If you want a vegetarian quinoa bowl, you can swap the chicken for a poached or boiled egg.

Taverna oste – til kolde og varme retter