Mediterranean cheeseburger

This is a recipe that brings the real taste of summer from the Mediterranean to your dining room. It consists of a wonderful cheeseburger where the delicate salty taste from the salad cheese ensures that every bite leaves you wanting more. Perfect as both a light dish or for dinner.




Mix the minced beef loosely with the salt, chopped basil leaves and sun-dried tomatoes.

Shape into four large burgers.

Do not mix or press the meat too much or the burgers will be dry. Grill or fry the burgers.

Split the buns and toast the cut sides until golden.

Spread with salad mayonnaise and mustard, then place a slice of beef tomato and a couple of slices of gherkin on the bottom half of each.

Add the onion rings and a good handful of lettuce, then place the burger on top.

Cut thick slices of Domyati and put one slice on top of each burger.

Put the top half of the bun on and, if necessary, use a wooden skewer to prevent the magnificent edifice from collapsing.


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