Warm cauliflower salad with whipped salad cheese and golden raisins

Do you need a good meat-free snack or appetizer? This dish with fried cauliflower, romanesco and a whipped cheese dressing made at Taverna finest is ideal as a snack or as a meat-free appetizer when you have guests.


Blend the cheese with cream, grated lemon zest and crushed garlic and whip.

This should be completely smooth and uniform in consistency. Cover and leave in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

Blend the capers, brine from the capers, acacia honey and mustard.

Cut the cauliflower and romanesco into florets and, in a bowl, pour boiling salted water over them.

Leave them to stand in the water for 4 minutes and then drain the water off them.

Sauté the florets in rapeseed oil for 2-3 minutes and season with salt and pepper.

Remove the pan from the heat and fold the florets into the capers dressing

and the golden raisins. Serve immediately with the ice cold whipped salad cheese.

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