Steamed broccolini, salad cheese and coarse satay sauce

You might be more familiar with the white cheese from Greek dishes, but Taverna Finest also works really well in the Asian kitchen – for example sprinkled over this meatless dish with steamed broccolini and a coarse satay sauce.


Blend the peanuts, coconut milk, sesame oil, garlic, tomato purée, jalapeños, oyster sauce and lemon juice together in a food processor.

Don’t mix it for too long – the satay sauce should have a slightly crunchy texture.

Season with salt and pepper and then set to one side.

Boil the eggs for 7 minutes, peel them and them keep them warm in a little hot water.

Rinse the broccolini and remove any uneven or tougher bits on the stalks with a paring knife.

Steam them in the vegetable stock for 6 minutes in a covered pan at an even heat.

Season with salt and pepper and divide them out onto four heated plates.

Pour over the satay sauce and arrange half an egg on each plate.

Sprinkle generously with crumbled salad cheese and trout roe and serve immediately.

Taverna oste – til kolde og varme retter