Grill & BBQ 70 g

Taverna Grill & BBQ is heavily inspired byt the Cypriot kitchen Halloumi. The cheese is ideal for meat-free days, and it makes it easy to pack plenty of taste and texture into everything from salads, burgers and sandwiches to other light snacks.

Taverna Grill & BBQ is a quick and easy everyday solution that is made from good, Danish milk at a Danish dairy.

Prepare the cheese in the pan or grill until it is crispy and golden on both sides and serve it while it’s still warm in a mezze dish – just like they do in Cyprus – or as a tasty accompaniment to grilled dishes, in sandwiches, salads or burgers.

Taverna Grill & BBQ is available in 70 g and 200 g packs.




Nutritional Information

TAVERNA Grill and BBQ 70g